Vital Links: Connection Between Criminal Behavior and Animal Cruelty

Kaylene Richards-Ekeh, California State University - Sacramento
Lee Zasloff, California State University - Sacramento

This study will examine the relationships among human violence, criminal behavior, delinquency and cruelty & abuse toward animals. The association of cruelty to animals to acts of violence, crime, and delinquency has received acknowledgment throughout the history of social movements. Violence towards animals is often correlated with other forms of violent behavior against humans. Abuse against animals, when perpetrated or observed by juveniles, has the capability of evolving into more generalized acts of violence and criminal behavior in adulthood. The major aim of the study is to examine the critical links between animal cruelty and other forms of violence.

The study will also explore how interventions through collaborations among the areas of criminal justice, human services and animal welfare organizations can influence and reduce crime and delinquency.

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Updated 05/20/2006