Abstaining From Drug Abuse: Is It Possible to Win the Drug Cycle?

Lior Gideon, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

In this paper I report on findings from a qualitative study of 39 ex and current prisoners who had participated in an innovative detoxification and rehabilitation programs in the Israeli prison system. (IPS). The study focuses on the social support networks of ex-convicts and their impacts on rehabilitation after prison. What factors do ex-prisoners see as important in stopping the drug cycle? How important do they describe social support network in this process, and which social support network do they see as most important in predicting future recidivism and drug use? Results from these interviews shows that there is a need for a continuum of treatment after release from the prison. Interviewees also expressed the importance of their spouse been treated when a detoxified ex-prisoner returns to his family. The study also shows that the motivation of an individual, in the process of detoxification, and rehabilitation, plays a major role in the ex-addicts efforts to avoid renewed drug use and incarceration.

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Updated 05/20/2006