Supra National Public Policymaking in Criminal Justice: The Potential Role of Academics in Criminology and Criminal Justice

Nancy Grosselfinger, Internatl League for Human Rights to UN

Supranational public policymaking in criminal justice has been taking place for approximately half a century at such inter-governmental organizations as the United Nations and Council of Europe. During this time the role and degree of participation of academics in the field has changed. At this juncture, with the entrance of the American Society of Criminology into United Nations Non-Governmental Organization Consultative Status with the Economic and Security Council, with the revitalization of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences' status, and the potential of the European Society of Criminology, and other similar academically based societies in criminology to acquire Status, it would be prudent to pause and review history, take cognizance of current arrangements, and consider potential avenues by which academics could proceed. This paper will provide a brief historical overview, describe the current scene, and elaborate the numerous, diverse potential means for contribution to supranational public policymaking in criminal justice.

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Updated 05/20/2006