Review of the Relationship Between Broken Family and Delinquency: A Meta Analysis

Jinseong Cheong, Florida State University

My paper is a literature review about the relationship between family structure and delinquency. It covers 15 articles and uses meta-analysis method. The hypothesis is that family structure (single-parent) has an effect on the adolescent delinquency. Some of the findings show statistically significant relationship and the others conclude there is no significant relationship. In general, studies that used good data analysis method find there is a indirect relationship between family structure and delinquency. And parent supervision or family attachment plays a role of a moderator (intervening variable). There are also many confounding variables which need to be controlled for. Meta-analysis indicates there is no significant direct relationship. It would be efficient to focus on lack of family attachment, peer relations, and socioeconomic status of the broken family in politic consideration.

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Updated 05/20/2006