The Predictive Validity of the Youthful Offender Level of Service Inventory

Anthony W. Flores, University of Cincinnati
Lawrence F. Travis III, University of Cincinnati
Edward J. Latessa, University of Cincinnati

In an attempt to triangulate demands for public safety, manage correctional resources, and rehabilitate offenders, correctional agencies are turning to risk/need assessment instruments to more effectively manage their offender populations. One such assessment gaining popularity for juvenile offenders is the Youthful Offender Level of Service Inventory (Y-LSI). The Y-LSI is a dynamic risk/need assessment inventory designed to inform the supervision level and case management of juvenile offenders. However, there are concerns that "one size fits all" risk/need assessment instruments may not accurately predict recidivism and identify criminogenic needs for all offender populations. The present paper is an examination of the predictive validity of the Y-LSI for a sample of 1700 youthful offenders from a variety of correctional settings

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Updated 05/20/2006