Examining the Characteristics of Criminal Justice Undergraduate Majors, Their Career Choices, and Their Perceptions of Program Curriculum: A Partial Replication of Krimmel and Tartaro

Barbara Sims, Pennsylvania State University- Harrisburg
LaTonya Baines, Pennsylvania State University- Harrisburg

Through a partial replication of an earlier work by John Krimmel and Christine Tartaro (1999), the authors examine the characteristics of undergraduate criminal justice majors at different campuses of the Pennsylvania State University system, looking for key differences by males/females, whites/minorities, and other socio-demographic measures as to their reasons for choosing the major, perceptions of the curriculum, and self-identified career choices. The methodology for the study consists of a web-based, self-administered questionnaire, with a target population of all current undergraduate criminal justice majors at three different campuses. Similarities and differences between the earlier findings by Krimmel and Tartaro and the findings from the present study will be explored, with a discussion about the importance of this type of knowledge to both criminal justice program faculty and criminal justice practitioners.

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Updated 05/20/2006