The New Face of Parole: The Dayton Street Wellness Project

Richard Higgins, New Jersey State Parole Board
Debra Alt, New Jersey State Parole Board
Melinda D. Schlager, New Jersey State Parole Board/Rutgers Unv
Mario A. Paparozzi, New Jersey State Parole Board

Out of the need for one neighborhood in Newark, New Jersey to 'take back its streets' has evolved the Dayton Street Wellness Project; a highly collaborative, interagency program initiated by the New Jersey State Parole Board to provide comprehensive services of all kinds to residents as well as parolees in the Dayton Street neighborhood. This project grew out of neighborhood concerns about the safety of schoolchildren who attend the Dayton Street School amongst increased drug dealing, gang activity, and general neighborhood decay. This project gained momentum when the New Jersey State Parole Board committed itself to leading the charge by engaging in its 'parole' business in a new way. Traditional parole supervision is tempered with extensive community outreach and service brokerage, available not only to parolees who live in the area, but to all residents of the community. An evaluation of this program is provided, including the challenges encountered as a result of this new way of doing business. Suggestions for further research and evaluation are made

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Updated 05/20/2006