Juvenile Victimization and Offending Patterns

David A. Soule', University of Maryland at College Park

Recent research has shown that youths experience elevated levels of victimization and delinquency during after school hours. Theoretically, after school programs may impact levels of victimization and offending by providing a "safeguard" for adolescents during unsupervised hours. Utilizing funds from the Maryland After School Opportunity Act of 1999, the state of Maryland provided funding to develop a statewide plan to support after school program designed to keep children safe, increase healthy behaviors and decrease negative behaviors. This paper examines the self-reported victimization and delinquency of a sample of approximately 300 after school participants in the state of Maryland. More specifically, this paper examines the impact of time of day on the types of crimes committed by and against juveniles, as well as the compounding factors related to delinquent behavior.

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Updated 05/20/2006