Process Evaluation of Juvenile Intensive Aftercare Program in Mobile, Alabama

David A. Bowers, Jr., University of South Alabama
Nicole Flynn, University of South Alabama

Aftercare has been shown to be a crucial part of juvenile corrections. We will report on a process evaluation of an intensive aftercare program that was implemented in Mobile, Alabama during 2001-2002. The implemented program is based Altschuler's and Armstrong's (1994) innovative model of intensive aftercare. This is the first time that this model has been applied to a local juvenile correctional facility and the first time the model has been applied to females. Our paper will report on the ways that the model was adapted to the unique social, political, and economic environment of South Alabama and the challenges confronting the model in this environment. Our work will show how lessons learned from this process evaluation can be applied to the implementation of juvenile aftercare programs in other jurisdictions.

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Updated 05/20/2006