Domestic Violence Court in Minneapolis: Three Levels of Analysis

Deborah A. Eckberg, Hennepin County District Court
Marcy Podkopacz, Fourth Judicial District - Minnesota

Hennepin County District Court in Minneapolis, Minnesota, began accepting cases into a newly formed domestic violence court calendar in November 2000. The calendar handles arraignment and pre-trial hearings for all in-custody and out-of-custody cases of domestic violence in the city of Minneapolis. This paper will present the results of three levels of analysis from the first full year of operation: (1) a quasi-experiment comparing case processing and disposition results with domestic violence cases heard prior to the existence of the domestic violence court calendar, (2) the results of a telephone survey of victims whose cases were heard on the calendar at the end of the calendar's first year, and (3) the preliminary results of a recidivism analysis of defendants whose cases were heard on the calendar during the first year.

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Updated 05/20/2006