An Experimental Study of the Maryland Correctional Boot Camp for Adults

Tomer Einat, University of Maryland at College Park

The current research is an experimental study of a correctional boot camp for adults. The principle objective of the study is to qualitatively and quantitatively evaluate whether this correctional boot camp that combines treatment with a military atmosphere produces more favorable outcomes than a comparison facility, which also emphasizes treatment but without a military component. In order to address this objective, 300 participants will be randomly assigned to the two programs. Information regarding their attitudes, experiences, demographics, criminal history and changes they made during their time in these facilities, will be gathered in three-time phases: Prior to the random assignment, immediately prior to release and after release. This presentation will describe the two different programs in the facilities, the sample characteristics of the study participants and a comparison of the boot camp and Skills Center participants on the pre-test measures.

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Updated 05/20/2006