Does Crowding Breed Crime?: Crowding and Its Possibility for Bringing About Crime in the United States

Debernee S. Pugh, University at Albany

Although numerous explanations have been provided for the occurrence of crime, the present study will examine density as a primary variable possibly influencing crime. Crowding or high-density is a social phenomenon that has the potential to affect numerous individuals. The present study will examine the possibility for a greater incidence of crime in locations that experience greater density. Aggregate level data will be used in this case including the Unites States of America and the District of Columbia in order to determine if on the wider scale, crime in the US is influenced by density. The magnitude of crime as well as the type of crime will be examined based on the arrest rates provided by the Uniform Crime Reports, 2000 for most states. Density will be examined based on population figures as well as the number of persons per square mile, the number of persons per household, the total number of households, and the housing unit density which will be taken from Census 2000 Reports. Multiple regression will be used to analyze the data.

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Updated 05/20/2006