Seriousness of White-Collar Crime Revisited, 2002

Melissa W. Burek, St. Ambrose University
Craig N. Winston, St. Ambrose University

The issue of the seriousness of crime has important ramifications for criminal justice policy. In addition, public perceptions of crime can have significant influence on those policies. Though the crime rate has been steadily moving downward over the past nine years, stories alleging serious and costly white-collar-crime have not abated. This study is a replication of the seriousness of crime studies conducted by Rossi, Waite, and Bose (1974) and Cullen, Link and Polanzi (1982). Residents of a medium-sized Midwest City were surveyed to learn more about their opinions concerning the relative seriousness of white-collar crime.

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Updated 05/20/2006