Evaluation of Two State-wide Training Programs on Violence Against Women for Prosecutors

Neal Miller, Institute for Law and Justice

The evaluation looked at two state-wide training programs on violence against women topics in California and Michigan. Both trainings were funded under grants to their state prosecutor associations under the federally-funded STOP program. Based upon a national survey, these programs were selected as providing the most comprehensive training then available. The evaluation reviewed the training contents and first surveyed training attendees for their perceptions to how well the training offerings matched their needs at the time of the training. A six month follow-up survey asked trainees to identify those training topics of most or least value to them and whether the training received had been used by them in specific aspects of their work (e.g., filing cases, working with victims, trial advocacy, increased convictions). The evaluation findings indicate that for most trainees the training offered in both states was highly relevant and used by them. Specific examples of training use was provided by many trainees. Furthermore, most training attendees indicated that the state association training was the only training on violence against women that they had ever received.

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Updated 05/20/2006