Education and Correction's Personnel

Mahesh K. Nalla, Michigan State University
Charles J. Corley, Michigan State University
Vincent Hoffman, Michigan State University

The School of Criminal Justice at Michigan State University conducted a survey to determine correctional personnel's views on the academic programs they wish to pursue for professional development and their relationship to career enhancement. More specifically in this survey the respondents were asked: (a) their interest in a specific major they would pursue at the undergraduate and graduate levels; (b) the relationship between educational achievement and career enhancement; (c) important internal issues facing the Department of Corrections; (d) the most important courses in subject areas or subjects that prospective correctional employees should focus on while in the criminal justice field; and, (e) the most important issues that criminal justice researchers should focus on to help the department of corrections. While the responses were diverse and interesting, this paper focuses upon methodological issues that complicate a critical examination of correctional organization needs and personnel dynamics.

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Updated 05/20/2006