The Social Context of Drug Use Among Rave Participants

Norma Duenas, California State University - Los Angeles

Drug use data indicate an increase in drugs associated with rave events. The proliferation of rave events in the U.S. along with increases in ecstasy use had lead to concern over the promotion of drug use at raves. The popularity of rave events among young adults and adolescents places these groups at high risk for drug involvement. This study examines the social context of drug use among rave participants through an online survey. The study examines the frequency, prevalence and types of drugs used within different settings for young adult ravers. Factors such as peer associations, family quality and age of onset are also examined in determining their relationship to patterns of drug use among settings. Participants were recruited from four online websites focused on providing rave information and promoting communication between rave participants. The study aims to identify the patterns of drug use for ravers and the high risk settings for drug use.

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Updated 05/20/2006