Does It Still Work? An Eight Year Follow-Up Evaluation of a Pretrial Intoxicated Driver Intervention Program

JanMarie Lambert, Wisconsin Correctional Service

This paper presents the results of an eight year follow-up evaluation of the Milwaukee County (Wisconsin) Pretrial Intoxicated Driver Intervention Program (IDP). It is the third evaluation of this program since its inception in December 1992. There was a 1 year and a 4 year evaluation. The results show that the IDP program continues to be a successful intervention for repeat drunk driving offenders. The program effectively reduces the probability of a new drunk driving offense compared to drunk drivers who did not participate in an IDP. The studies have shown that longer sentences do not deter future drunk driving offenses. When used as a stand alone consequence, longer sentences do not appear effective in reducing the possibility of recidivism. The study also shows that early intervention and treatment are the best way to reduce the probability of reoffending.

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Updated 05/20/2006