What Goes Around, Comes Around: The Co-occurrence of Victimization and Offending Patterns Among Juvenile Offenders

Heather L. Pfeifer, University of Baltimore
Eric D. Wish, University of Maryland at College Park

Building upon 'lifestyles theory' of deviance, this paper examines the co-occurrence of victimization and offending patterns among a sample of 697 male and female juvenile arrestees. In addition, the study explores: a) how youths' deviant lifestyles (e.g., drinking and drug use, involvement with deviant peers) mediate the relationship between socio-demographic risk factors and victimization; and b) their exposure to community violence mediates the relationship between victimization and offending. Data is drawn from the Maryland Juvenile Substance Abuse Need for Treatment Among Arrestees [SANTA] study conducted by the Center for Substance Abuse Research in the summer of 1996.

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Updated 05/20/2006