Globalization of Russian, Colombian, and Chinese Organized Crime: A Quantitative Analysis

Nathan R. Moran, Midwestern State University

Organized crime has been a problem of the world's independent nations for more than 500 years. As organized crime globalizes to become transnational the problem can only continue to burgeon. The research question addressed in this study is, "To what extent has organized crime globalized in the previous 10 years?" The data source and methodology for this analysis consists of a content analysis of eight major newspapers from eight industrialized countries, including Russia, Japan, China, the United States, England, Canada, Colombia, and France. A ten-year time series analysis of media coverage is undertaken for the purposes of examining the globalization hypothesis. Russian, Colombian, and Chinese organized crime groups are analyzed in the analysis under the assumption that an increase in the amount of media coverage in the previous 10 years is indicative of the globalization of organized crime hypothesis.

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Updated 05/20/2006