Findings From the 2001 Baltimore City Substance Abuse Need for Treatment Among Arrestees (Santa) Project

George Yacoubian, Jr., McFarland and Associates, Inc.
Eric D. Wish, University of Maryland at College Park

Data collected through the 1995 Substance Abuse Need for Treatment among Arrestees (SANTA) study illustrated a significant need for treatment among Baltimore City arrestees. To update the findings from 1995, a new collection was conducted in Baltimore City between February 26 and March 30, 2001. In addition to a diagnostic interview, a urine specimen was collected and screened for 10 drugs of abuse. Nearly three-quarters of the sample tested positive for at least one drug. Fifty-seven percent of the females and 36% of the males tested positive for cocaine, while 49% of the females and more than one-third of the males tested positive for opiates. Forty-nine percent of the males and 53% of the females met the clinical criteria for current dependence and/or abuse and were therefore in need of alcohol or other drug (AOD) treatment. While about one-half of the arrestees currently needed treatment, this is a minimal estimate given the reliance of the diagnostic interview on self-reported symptoms.

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Updated 05/20/2006