Legal Culture in a Multi-Cleavage Society: The Israeli Case

Arye Rattner, University of Haifa
Dana Yagil, University of Haifa

This study examines the legal culture in the Israeli society through the comparison of attitudes toward the law and the legal system among several groups in Israel. Two surveys compared the legal attitudes of Ultra-orthodox Jews (N=104), settlers in the occupied territories (N=262), Israeli Arabs (N=752) and Yeshiva students (N=464), with the attitudes of a representative sample of the general Israeli Jewish population (N = 1,434). The surveys were conducted via phone interviews. The results of path analyses conducted for each survey show that the effect of group affiliation on the readiness to take the law into one's hands is mediated by perceived justice of the police and courts, the perceived supremacy of other rules and laws over state laws, normative commitment to the law, social alienation and perceived anomie.

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Updated 05/20/2006