Crime Analysis or Problem Analysis: Issues and Debate

Rachel Boba, Police Foundation
Mary Velasco, Police Foundation

In this presentation, the authors will discuss specific issues and the current debate surrounding the future of crime analysis and problem analysis. The issues and debate will come from both the authors' experience and observations over the last several years as well as from the Problem Analysis Forum 2002. The forum was a the two-day meeting in which a ogroup edof academics, police managers, officers, and civilian analysts were brought together to discuss various topics on how problem analysis/action research can best be implemented and institutionalized into everyday police problem solving. As part of this discussion, many parallels were drawn and debated between crime analysis and problem analysis. These points will provide the basis for the presentation and include such questions as: How should problem analysis/action research be defined as they apply to policing? How do they relate to conventional crime analysis? Are crime analysis and problem analysis separate disciplines? In theory? In practice? Should there be a separate job description for problem analysts from that of crime analysts and/or police planners? If so, what should it look like?

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Updated 05/20/2006