Characteristics of Girls With Early Onset Disruptive and Delinquent Behavior

Alison Hipwell, University of Pittsburgh
Rolf Loeber, University of Pittsburgh
Magda Stouthamer-Loeber, University of Pittsburgh
Kate Keenan, University of Chicago
Helene Raskin White, Rutgers University
Leoniek M. Kroneman, University of Pittsburgh

The current study investigates disruptive and delinquent behavior in girls enrolled in the first phase of the Pittsburgh Girls Study (PGS). Three questions will be addressed. Firstly, what is the nature and prevalence of early onset disruptive and delinquent behaviors in a representative community population of girls? Secondly, is there a subgroup of girls who can be identified as 'deviant' across theoretical disciplines? Thirdly, how does neighbourhood quality impact on deviancy rates?

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Updated 05/20/2006