Adjudicated Males Self-Reported Criminality Trajectories From Adolescence to Midlife

Marc LeBlanc, University of Montreal
Julien Morizot, Universite de Montreal

There is a large consensus among criminologists concerning the main trajectories of offending: common, adolescence-limited, and chronic or life-course persistent offending. However, the studies rarely go beyond youth and they use samples representative of the population. In this study, we study the period from early adolescence through maturity and a sample of adjudicated males. To identify trajectories, we use the analytical strategy describe in the previous paper. Offending is measured with onset and variety and we distinguish serious and minor offending for four data points: 15, 17, 30 and 40. Five trajectories are identified: late minor criminality, adolescence aggravated criminality, chronic low major criminality, adolescence explosive criminality, and childhood chronic criminality. The external validity of these trajectories is assessed with personality measures.

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Updated 05/20/2006