Exploring Risk Factors of Delinquency Among Japanese Junior High School Students

Hiroko Kamon, National Research Inst. of Police Science
Yutaka Harada, National Research Inst. of Police Science
Seiji Yonezato, National Research Inst. of Police Science
Kanehiro Hoshino, Teikyo University

This study explores risk and protective factors of delinquent behavior among junior high school students of today's Japan. Approximately 2000 2nd-year public junior high school students and junior high school students who had police contacts were surveyed using the same questionnaire, and the results for the two groups were compared with each other. The school survey was carried out in February 2002 in 13 public junior high schools located in an urban perfecture of western Japan, and the survey of delinquents were carried out in the same prefecture as the school survey. Findings will be reported with regard to the relative weights of each risk/protective factor, and policy implications will be discussed.

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Updated 05/20/2006