A National Survey of Police Policies and Practices Regarding the Criminal Investigation Proce3ss: Twenty-Five Years After RAND

Frank Horvath, Michigan State University
Robert T. Meesig, Michigan State University
Yung-Hyeock Lee, Michigan State University

We know very little about the police criminal investigation process in the United States, and most of what we do know is based on limited and outdated data. Yet the process itself directly affects both the police-public relationship and the workload of the rest of the criminal justice system. To obtain more current and comprehensive information about the process, we conducted the first-ever nationally representative survey of more than 3,000 state, sheriff and municipal law enforcement agencies. Our poster session highlights the final results of the survey regarding organization, patrol officer and investigator roles, investigation management, investigative support, and investigative effectiveness. Our final report is available at our web site, www.ciol.org, which also provides summaries of prior investigations-related research, a newsletter reporting developments related to investigative matters, and a list-serve for the exchange of information regarding the investigation process.

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Updated 05/20/2006