Gathering Essentials: Using Interagency Collaboration to Improve Police Efficiency

Marissa Potchak, California State Univ., San Bernardino
Gisela Bichler-Robertson, California State University

Advancements in GIS technology have allowed police departments to look for alternatives to increase department efficiency in crime prevention, crime solving, and data analysis, to name a few. Government agencies such as public housing, transportation authorities, public works, etc. have been able to use GIS technology to tract, monitor and update their facilities. Police departments could greatly benefit from these previously collected data; little to no collection cost, quick access, and longitudinal data are a few of the potential advantages. However, confidentiality, intra-agency data sharing policies, and data collection methods may hamper the agencies from easily sharing and utilizing these data. Collaboration between these agencies and the police department could prove to be a symbiotic relationship and allow more prolific data collection. This paper dissects which data are available, the steps needed to commence this collaboration, and some of the problems researchers, agencies, and police departments face when forming partnerships.

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Updated 05/20/2006