A Case Study of a Serial Offender From the Criminal Events Perspective

Nathan W. Pino, Georgia Southern University

This paper presents a case study of a serial offender who engaged in around two hundred rapes, four murders, and one attempted murder. This participant has recently been apprehended and is awaiting trial in a county jail. The relatively young literature on serial offenders has understandably concentrated amost exclusively on offender motivation, often from a bio-psychological or psychiatric perspective. A more comprehensive understanding of serial offending, however, should uinclude not only offender motivation, but also variables associated with victimization and the social context of the criminal event(s). The criminal events perspective is based on the assumption that theoretical traditions concerned exclusively with offender motivation, victimization, or the social context of crime should be combined to study all forms of crime, and serial offending should not be excluded from this. For this case study data is available to conduct such an analysis. Data sources include semi-standardized interview data, police reports, the participant's autobiographical writing, newspaper articles, and police interrogations of the participant and his last rape/attempted murder victim who survived.

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Updated 05/20/2006