Crime Mapping: The Importance of Theory

Patricia L. Brantingham, Simon Fraser University

The focus of this presentation/paper is the importance of criminological theory when using crime mapping. Crime mapping is becoming a more important analytic tool in criminology and crime analysis. As with all analytic tools, it is important to keep strong links between analytic tools and theory. As should be expected, my primary theoretical focus will be using environmental criminology in understanding crime maps.

The presentation/paper will include sample maps produced under different GIS programs. These maps will be presented to give the attendees at the panel an opportunity to view a fe images from a non-theoretic standpoint. They will then be presented with a brief overview of environmental criminology with specific reference to its use in understanding crime mapping. The attendees will then be shown in the same crime mapping images wth a description of the uinterpretation of maps with a link to theory.

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Updated 05/20/2006