Community Participation in Crime Control Activities

David C. Sloane, University of Southern California
Cheryl L. Maxson, University of California, Irvine
Karen A. Hennigan, University of Southern California

Police and community co-production of crime control activities is a crucial component of community policing. In a survey of Los Angeles residents, we explored the dynamics of co-production through three of its dimensions - 1) attending meetings, volunteering and talking with the police, 2) efforts to secure one's home and family, and 3) non-emergency calls to the local police station. We examine individual and neighborhood influences on these measures of community crime control. We conclude that police departments hoping to develop a strong community policing partnership have to (1) survey their own communities to ensure they understand its dynamics; (2) encourage sociable residents to join in the co-production process through developing sources of informal contact between neighbors and police; and (3) recognize the role of physical and social disorder in shaping the co-production process.

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Updated 05/20/2006