Spatial Linkages Between Unemployment and Crime Rates: Spatial Extensions to the Cantor-Land Framework

Sanjeev Sridharan, WESTAT
David Cantor, Westat, Inc.

We implement exploratory and confirmatory spatial methods to study the linkages between unemployment and crime rates. Our approach integrates both routine activity and social disorganization theories of crimes. From a social disorganization perspective, we focus on defining spatial regimes at the county-level to operationalize notions of community networks. Spatial panel data methods are implemented to operationalize the opportunity and motivational effects of unemployment on crime. Our approach utilizes the linkages between Geographic Information Systems software and methods of spatial econometrics, as well as implementation of spatial multilevel models. Our approach will integrate work in spatial econometrics (Anselin, 2000) with multilevel models that incorporate Spatial terms (Langford, et al, 1999)

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Updated 05/20/2006