Coming Home Can Be a Good Thing: An Evaluation of a Juvenile Reentry Program

Roger Jarjoura, Indiana University - Indianapolis

This paper provides an evaluation of a juvenile reentry program that operates in a Midwestern state. This program is designed to prepare juvenile offenders for their eventual release back to the community. Youths are provided with life-skills instruction and develop a reentry plan to guide their progress during the period of transition after their release. After release, the youths are assigned a mentor to assist in carrying out their reentry plan. The focus of this analysis is a release cohort from 1997 that was randomly assigned to one of three conditions and has been followed up for over three years at this point. Results indicate that participation in the reentry program is associated with a significant reduction in the likelihood of reincarceration. Implications of these results for juvenile reentry programming are considered.

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Updated 05/20/2006