Profiles of Youths Involved in Jurisdictional Waiver in Maryland

Cindy J. Smith, University of Baltimore
Kimberly S. Craig, University of Baltimore

Researchers partnered with the Maryland Department of Juvenile Justice to provide data to the Commission on Juvenile Justice Jurisdiction to make recommendations to the Legislature jurisdiction issues. Representative characteristics were collected on a sample of youths (n=320) from the domains of community, school, peers, family and individual following the work of Hawkins et al. (1999). Each of the five domains has a fluid wall whereby the impact on one domain flows through the walls and impacts each of the other domains. (See Figure 1.) For example, high unemployment rates in the community will negatively impact the number of employed youths, as well as the employment of the caregivers and the family functioning. Equally, the behavior or state of being of the individual will impact the family, school, peers, and community.

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Updated 05/20/2006