Place Space and Crime Revisited: Targets and Offenders Converge in Violent Index Offenses in Chicago

Richard L. Block, Loyola University of Chicago
Aneta Galary, Loyola University of Chicago
Darryl Brice, Loyola University of Chicago

This preliminary paper is designed to describe a method to study the relationship between routine activities, environment, and UCR Index Violent Crimes. Records of all index aggravated sexual assaults, robberies, and aggravated assaults recorded by the Chicago Police in 1998 are analyzed. The base of the analysis is the triadic relationship between victim, offender, and incident for crimes where both victim and offender had a known address in Chicago. Each incident, victim and offender address was geo-coded and the incident was placed within a social and built environment.

The usefulness of analyzing the triads was is demonstrated by looking at the distance between victim's and offender's residence and the location of the crime. It is found that these distances varied by crime type and by the age of victim and offender and by the nature of the built environment. These differences probably reflect the routine activities of victims and offender as they converge in a violent incident.

The paper to be presented at the ASC will include triads from 1966 thru 1998 and will have additional analysis of the environment in which the crime occurred.

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Updated 05/20/2006