The 2001 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 6, to Saturday, November 10

Sessions, Meetings and Events Beginning at 4:20PM on Wednesday

Wednesday at 4:20PM
Session Title Session ID
Division on People of Color and Crime Business Meeting #1 EV7
Open Forum on Human Subjects Protections (Convened by the Social and Behavioral Sciences Working Group of the National Human Research Protections Advisory Committee (NHRPAC)) EV8
Substance Use, Abuse, and Crime Session 105: AL5
The Challenge of Evaluating Police-Community and Multi-Agency Partnerships Session 106: PO4
Issues in Correctional Health Care/Public Health Session 107: CI4
Information Technology and Criminal Justice Session 108: CJ3
Recent Themes in European Critical Criminology Session 109: CL3
The Use of the ADAM System to Study the Dynamics of Local Drug Markets Session 110: DP2
New Developments in Deterrence Research Session 111: EC2
Preventive and Rehabilitative Interventions for Antisocial Behavior: Evaluation, Meta-Analysis, and Mediators Session 112: ER5
Women's Experiences in Correctional Settings Session 113: GE5
Evaluating Gun Laws and Policy Session 114: GU2
Chasing Shadows: Confronting Juvenile Hate Crime Violence in America Session 115: JU5
Waiver Policy: Selection of Juveniles for Criminal Prosecution Session 116: JJ5
Reintegrative Shaming in Conferences and Courts Session 117: JJ6
Where the Kids Are: Counting, Tracking, and Researching Juveniles Session 118: JJ7
Roundtable: Table Session 20: Issues in Incarceration Session 119: LA25
Roundtable: Table Session 21: Historical and Comparative Treatment of Offenders Session 120: LA26
Roundtable: Table Session 22: Criminal Justice System Operations Session 121: LA27
Roundtable: Table Session 23: Restorative Justice Session 122: LA28
The Management of Offender Population, Part II Session 123: LA29
Stability and Change Over the Life Course Session 124: LC1
Organized Crime: Smuggling Drugs and People in the Global Economy Session 125: OC1
Legal Issues in Law Enforcement Session 126: PL8
Repairing Bridges and Spanning Gaps Among and Between Criminologists, Academicians, Practitioners and/or Elected Officials Session 127: RP4
Charge Selection Session 128: SE2
Police Responses to Special Populations Session 129: OP1
Violence: Environmental and Individual Influences Session 130: SO3
Exploring Aspects of Victimization in Unique Settings Session 131: SV2
Rural Woman Battering Session 132: VW3

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