The 2001 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 6, to Saturday, November 10

Sessions, Meetings and Events Beginning at 1:00PM on Wednesday

Wednesday at 1:00PM
Session Title Session ID
ASC Book Exhibit EV4
Professional Employment Service EV5
Substance Abuse Treatment II: Non Institutional Settings Session 54: AL3
Individual Routines and Offending Session 55: CO3
Testing Environmental, Community and Ecological Theories Session 56: CO4
Empirical Tests of Self-Control Session 57: CS2
Punishment and Society Session 58: CI3
ROUNDTABLE: Women Leadership in Justice, Education, Policy and Practice: Is a Gender Agenda Practical? Session 59: CJ2
Critical Issues in Correctional Drug Treatment Research Session 60: ER2
Individual and Community Strategies for High Risk Youth Session 61: ER3
Gender, Juvenile Delinquency and Gang Membership Session 62: GE3
Homicide Studies Across Geographical Settings Session 63: HO2
Alternative Sentences for Felony Offenders in New York Session 64: IS3
Delinquency Program Evaluations: Gender and Community Issues Session 65: JU3
The Effects of Jurisdictional Transfer Session 66: JJ4
ROUNDTABLE: Urbanization, Modernization and Crime in Africa: Theoretical and Empirical Explanations Session 67: LA10
ROUNDTABLE: Informing Criminal Justice Policy: The Research and Evaluation Programs of NIJ Session 68: LA11
Roundtable: Table Session 9: Judicial Decision-Making and Sentencing Session 69: LA12
Roundtable: Table Session 10: Violence and Homicide Session 70: LA13
Roundtable: Table Session 11: Correctional Institutions Session 71: LA14
Roundtable: Table Session 13: Drugs Session 72: LA15
Roundtable: Table Session 12: Juvenile Justice I Session 73: LA16
Division on Corrections and Sentencing Roundtable 1: Campbell Systematic Reviews I: The Basics Session 74: LA17
Policing Violent Crime Session 75: PL4
Repeat Victimization and Its Implications for Improving Police Effectiveness Session 76: PL5
Justice System Linkages for Adult and Juvenile Offenders: Miodels Addressing Special Needs of Substance Abusing and Mentally Ill Populations Session 77: RP3
State Processing Variables Session 78: SE1
System Responses to Violence Against Women: Data, Advocacy and Policy Session 79: VW1
Women Victims' Contacts With the Criminal Justice System Session 80: VW2
International and Comparative Studies of White-Collar Crime Session 81: WC3

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