The 2001 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 6, to Saturday, November 10

Sessions, Meetings and Events Beginning at 8:00AM on Saturday

Saturday at 8:00AM
Session Title Session ID
Policing and the Community Session 377: PO12
Prosecution and Prosecutors Session 378: CT6
Experiences of Violent Victimization Session 379: CP10
Preventing Violence In and After School Session 380: CP11
Intersecting Identities and the Construction of Crime and Justice Session 381: CL14
ROUNDTABLE: Issues in Peacemaking Criminology Session 382: CL15
Instrument, Index, and Classification Construction in Criminological Research Session 383: DM4
Patterns of Drug Use Careers Session 384: DP6
Crime and Work Session 385: EC4
Corporate Espionage Taking Over Where Cold War Spying Left Off in the 21st Century Session 386: GL5
The Role of Family Process and Structure on Delinquency Session 387: JU13
Citizens' Perceptions of Criminal Justice Agents and Practices Session 388: LA57
Law Enforcement at Work Session 389: LA58
Division on Corrections and Sentencing Roundtable 5: The Early Years in Academe: Grantmanship, Scholarship, and Charting Your Own Course Session 390: LA59
Civil Rights, Privacy, and Legal Reform Session 391: LS4
Life Events and Crime: Processes of Selections and Causation Session 392: LC8
Transnational Organized Crime: Threat or Conceit Session 393: OC4
Policing Drug Crime Session 394: PL17
Property Crime: Current Research Session 395: PC1
Impact of Roe v. Wade on Crime Session 396: ST2
Strain and Hate: In Their Own Words (Co-sponsored With the Hate Crimes Research Network) Session 397: SA5
Terrorism and Social Control Session 398: TE6
Theoretical Work on Violence Against Women Session 399: VW18

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