The 2001 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 6, to Saturday, November 10

Sessions, Meetings and Events Beginning at 2:40PM on Friday

Friday at 2:40PM
Session Title Session ID
Division on People of Color and Crime Board Meeting #2 EV50
Community Involvement in Community Policing Session 326: PO10
Community Supervision Officers Session 327: CB11
International Perspectives on Restorative Justice Session 328: CB12
Correctional Employees and Inmate Supervision Session 329: CI8
Drug Courts II Session 330: CT4
Law, Psychology, and Justice: Critical Interrogations (Sponsored by the Division on Critical Criminology) Session 331: CL12
Gender, Mental Disorder, and Juvenile Justice Session 332: GE14
New Globalized Spaces of Crime and Justice (Sponsored by Division of International Criminology) Session 333: GL4
Homicide and Suicide Among Youth Session 334: HO7
Key Aspects of Serious and Violent Offenders: Longitudinal Evidence From Two Studies Session 335: JU11
Race and the Juvenile Justice System Session 336: JJ15
Colombia: Perspectives on the Drug War Session 337: LA50
Crime On and Around the Border Session 338: LA51
Poverty and Crime Session 339: LA52
Division on Corrections and Sentencing Roundtable 4: Prisoner Reentry: Emerging Practices and Issues Session 340: LA53
Developmental Trajectories of Crime and Related Behaviors I Session 341: LC6
Understanding Miscarriages of Justice Session 342: MJ2
Measuring New Dimensions of Police Integrity Session 343: PL15
Issues in Crime Control Policy Session 344: RP15
Public Opinion and Values Session 345: SE8
The Social Construction of Crime and Justice Session 346: SL5
Anomie and Institutional Anomie Theory Session 347: SA3
Issues in Survey Research Session 348: SU3
Contextual Analysis of Violence Against Women Session 349: VW13
Women's Responses to Physical and Sexual Violence Session 350: VW14

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