The 2001 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 6, to Saturday, November 10

Sessions, Meetings and Events Beginning at 2:40PM on Thursday

Thursday at 2:40PM
Session Title Session ID
Academy of Experimental Criminology Meeting EV27
Presentation of the Marvin E. Wolfgang Award for Distinguished Achievement in Criminology - 2001 - Recipient: Malcolm W. Klein EV28
Club Drugs, Design Drugs, Raves: New Developments Session 205: AL9
Policing Partnerships Session 206: PO7
Restorative Justice Applications Session 207: CB7
Social Control and Punishment Session 208: CI6
OPEN FORUM: Globalization, Gendered Justice and Public Policy in the 21st Century (Sponsored by the Division on Women and Crime) Session 209: CL7
AUTHOR-MEETS-CRITICS: Richard Quinney's Bearing Witness to Crime and Social Justice (Sponsored by the Division on Critical Criminology) Session 210: CL8
Multi-Site Drug Court Evaluations Session 211: DP4
Race, Ethnicity and Gang Dynamics Session 212: GA2
Delinquency Theory Testing and Development Session 213: JU8
Juvenile Justice Dispositional Decision-Making Session 214: JJ11
Evaluation of Victim Services Programs Session 215: LA33
A Special Colloquia on Crime and Deviance in Chinese Society Session 216: LA34
Division on Corrections and Sentencing Roundtable 3: Implications of Early Childhood Delinquency Prevention Research on Correctional Programs and Interventions Session 217: LA35
Gulags, Gallows, and Public Attitudes Towards Crime Session 218: LS1
Age, Race, and Gender Interactions Session 219: LC3
Victimization of Juveniles Juveniles Session 220: MJ1
Crime, Research and Policy Session 221: RP8
Neutralization, Learning, and Criminal Embeddeness Session 222: SO4
Fear of Crime and Research on Specialized Crime Victims Session 223: SV5
Theoretical Explanations for Terrorism Session 224: TE4
Victimless Crimes Session 225: VL1
Policing Violence Against Women Session 226: VW9
International Research on Violence Against Women Session 227: VW10

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