The 2001 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 6, to Saturday, November 10

Sessions, Meetings and Events Beginning at 1:00PM on Thursday

Thursday at 1:00PM
Session Title Session ID
Questions and Answers for Criminology and Public Policy EV25
Homicide Past and Present: The Utility of Historical Data as we Consider Contemporary Crime (Meeting) Session 178: MT1
Health Services Utilization Among State Prisoners Session 179: AL8
Comparative Studies of Policing Session 180: PO6
Social and Political Influences on Community Session 181: CO7
Current Research on Restorative Justice Conferencing Session 182: CB6
Macro/Micro Social Control Session 183: CS4
Programming for Women Prisoners II: Focus on Health and Mental Health Session 184: CI5
Preventing Intimate, Sexual, and Hate Violence Session 185: CP6
Racial Profiling: How Do We Know It When We See It Session 186: CL5
Transformative Justice: What'll Save Restorative Justice From the Jaws of the State Session 187: CL6
State Illicit Drug Policy: Does It Matter? Session 188: DP3
Evaluating the Multi-Site Breaking the Cycle Demonstration Project Session 189: ER7
Gender and Intimate Partner Violence Session 190: GE10
The Gun Factor in Crime: Measuring Gun Ownership and Gun Availability Session 191: GU4
AUTHOR-MEETS-CRITICS: Crime and Coercion: An Integrated Theory of Chronic Criminality Session 192: IT1
Judicial Discretion in State and Federal Courts Session 193: JD2
New Research From the National Juvenile Justice Data Analysis Project Session 194: JU7
Police, Lawyers, and Juvenile Justice Administration Session 195: JJ10
A Colloquia on International Criminology Session 196: LA32
Contemporary Issues in Police Organizations Session 197: PL10
Personality and Aggression Session 198: PS1
ROUNDTABLE: Black Perspectives in Criminology and Criminal Justice Session 199: RE3
Crime Control Policy Session 200: RP7
Repeat and Multiple Victimization Session 201: SV4
Gender and General Strain Theory Session 202: SA2
Fear of Crime: Causes and Effects Session 203: SU1
Masculinities and Violence Against Women Session 204: VW8

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