The 2001 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 6, to Saturday, November 10

Session Index for the Letter A

Session Title Session IDTime
Acceptance of Community Policing in the U.S. Session 3: PO1 Wednesday at 8:00AM
Aftercare: The OJJDP Evaluation in Colorado, Nevada, and Virginia and a Colorado State Evaluation Session 42: JJ2 Wednesday at 9:40AM
Age, Race, and Gender Interactions Session 219: LC3 Thursday at 2:40PM
Aggression and Violence in the Life Course Session 365: LC7 Friday at 4:20PM
Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse and Dependence Among Arrestees Session 400: AL11 Saturday at 9:40AM
Alternative Sentences for Felony Offenders in New York Session 64: IS3 Wednesday at 1:00PM
Anomie and Institutional Anomie Theory Session 347: SA3 Friday at 2:40PM
Approaches to the Substance Use/Abuse and Crime Relationship Session 156: AL7 Thursday at 9:40AM
The ASC's National Policy Committee's Recommended Positions on the Death Penalty and Juveniles Tried as Adults Session 291: LA46 Friday at 9:40AM
Assessing Innovations in Court Responses to Domestic Violence Session 325: VW12 Friday at 1:00PM
Attitudes, Organizational Pressures, and Prosecutorial Outcomes Session 239: LS2 Thursday at 4:20PM
AUTHOR-MEETS-CRITICS: Crime and Coercion: An Integrated Theory of Chronic Criminality Session 192: IT1 Thursday at 1:00PM
AUTHOR-MEETS-CRITICS: Electronic Theft Session 53: WC2 Wednesday at 9:40AM
AUTHOR-MEETS-CRITICS: Newjack: Guarding Sing Sing Session 169: LA31 Thursday at 9:40AM
AUTHOR-MEETS-CRITICS: Philip Jenkins as Social Constructionist (Using Murder, Moral Panic, Synthetic Panics, and Other Books) Session 101: SL2 Wednesday at 2:40PM
AUTHOR-MEETS-CRITICS: Punishment and Democracy: Three Strikes and You're Out in California (Oxford, New York, 2001) Session 364: LA56 Friday at 4:20PM
AUTHOR-MEETS-CRITICS: Richard Quinney's Bearing Witness to Crime and Social Justice (Sponsored by the Division on Critical Criminology) Session 210: CL8 Thursday at 2:40PM
AUTHOR-MEETS-CRITICS: The Culture of Control: Crime and Social Order in Contemporary Society (Oxford University Press) Session 171: RP6 Thursday at 9:40AM
AUTHORS-MEET-CRITICS: Inside America's Terrorist Underground (Mark Hamm) and Terrorism: An Investigator's Handbook (William Dyson) Session 104: TE2 Wednesday at 2:40PM

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