Session 151: SE3 -> Offender Characteristics and Sentencing
Time: 8:00AM to 9:30 AM on Thursday, November 8
Place: Rhine
Session Chair: Susette Talarico, University of Georgia
Sentencing Differences Among Individual Judges: Another Look at the Focal Concerns Perspective
by: David W. Holleran, East Tennessee State University (Corresponding)
Cassia Spohn, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Sentencing Outcomes Under Conditions of Weak Sentencing Guidelines: Maryland, 1987-1996
by: Kim S. Hunt, D.C. Advisory Commission on Sentencing (Corresponding)
Gender and Sentencing: An Examination of Florida's Truth in Sentencing Policy
by: Rhonda Dobbs, Florida State University (Corresponding)
Ted Chiricos, Florida State University
Crime and Punishment: The Older Federal Offender
by: Nicole Alford, Rhodes College (Corresponding)
Dealing With the Multiple Testing Problem in Race and Sentencing Research: The Value of the Bootstrap Correction Method
by: Marc L. Swatt, University of Nebraska at Omaha (Corresponding)
Miriam A. DeLone, University of Nebraska - Omaha

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Updated 05/20/2006