Session 202: SA2 -> Gender and General Strain Theory
Time: 1:00PM to 2:30 PM on Thursday, November 8
Place: Tigris
Session Chair: Joanne Kaufman, University of Miami
Gender Differences in Negative Affect and Behavioral Responses to Strain: A Test of General Strain Theory
by: Kelly K. Browning, University of South Florida (Corresponding)
Christine S. Sellers, University of South Florida
Charles B. Adams, University of South Florida
Gender and Reactions to Strain: A Latent-Variable Modeling Test of General Strain Theory
by: Sung Joon Jang, Louisiana State University (Corresponding)
Byron R. Johnson, University of Pennsylvania
Juvenile Delinquency and Adolescent Depression: Gendered Responses to Gendered Stresses
by: Stacy De Coster, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (Corresponding)
Gender and the Stress Process: The Significance of Interpersonal Autonomy for Depression and Criminal Behavior
by: Karen Van Gundy, University of New Hampshire (Corresponding)
Lisa Broidy, University of New Mexico

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Updated 05/20/2006