The 2001 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 6, to Saturday, November 10

Participant Index for the Letter R
Rabe, Gary A., Minot State University
Radelet, Michael, University of Florida
Radosh, Polly, Western Illinois University
Rahav, Giora, Tel Aviv University
Raine, Adrian, University of Southern California
Rainville, Gerard, The American University
Ramirez, Ignacio Luis, University of New Hampshire
Rand, Michael R., Bureau of Justice Statistics
Rappaport, Aaron, Hastings College of the Law
Rasche, Christine E., University of North Florida
Raudenbush, Stephen W., University of Michigan
Rawstorne, Shirley, Liverpool John Moores University
Ready, Justin T., Police Foundation
Reardon, Sean, The Pennsylvania State University
Reasons, Charles E., Central Washington University
Reaves, Brian A., Bureau of Justice Statistics
Rebellon, Cesar, Emory University
Rebovich, Donald J., National White Collar Crime Center
Rector, Paula, Northern Arizona University
Redmond, Cleve, Iowa State University
Reed, Gary E., University of Idaho
Reed, Mark D., Georgia State University
Reedy, Darin, University of Maryland at College Park
Reese, Michael, North Georgia College & State University
Regoeczi, Wendy C., Cleveland State University
Reichel, Philip L., University of Northern Colorado
Reichmann, Deborah, The MayaTech Corporation
Reiling, Denise M., Eastern Michigan University
Reisig, Michael D., Michigan State University
Rempel, Michael, Center for Court Innovation
Renauer, Brian C., Portland State University
Rengert, George, Temple University
Rennison, Callie, Bureau of Justice Statistics
Renzetti, Claire, St. Joseph's University
Respress, Trinetia, Florida State University
Reuland, Melissa M., Police Executive Research Forum
Reuter, Peter H., University of Maryland at College Park
Rhodes, William, Abt Associates Inc.
Ribeaud, Denis, University of Lausanne
Rice, Kennon J., North Carolina State University
Richards, Assata, The Pennsylvania State University
Richards, Stephen C., Northern Kentucky University
Richards, Winston A., Penn State University Capital College
Richman, Kimberly, University of California, Irvine
Riebeaud, Denis, University of Lausanne
Riedel, Marc, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale
Rigakos, George S., St. Mary's University
Riley, K. Jack, RAND
Rivera, Craig, University at Albany
Robbers, Monica L.P., Marymount University
Roberson, Cliff, Washburn University
Roberts, Jennifer (Johnson), Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Robinson, Amanda L., Michigan State University
Robinson, Deborah Mitchell, Valdosta State University
Robinson, Jennifer B., University ofT Ottawa
Robinson, Matthew B., Appalachian State University
Robinson, T. Hank, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Robyn, Linda, Northern Arizona University
Rocha, Carlos, University of Maryland at College Park
Rodriguez, Nancy, Arizona State University - West
Roehl, Janice, Justice Research Center
Rogan, Dennis, Statistical Analysis for Law Enforcement
Rogerson, Michelle, Huddersfield University
Rojek, Dean G., University of Georgia
Rojek, Jeff, University of Missouri - St. Louis
Rollin, Stephen A., Florida State University
Roman Rivera, Luz M., University of Illinois at Chicago
Roman, John, The Urban Institute
Romero, Michael P., University of California, Davis
Roncek, Dennis W., University of Nebraska at Omaha
Ronderos, Juan G., York University
Rosay, Andre, University of Delaware
Rose, Dina R., John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Rosen, Zohn, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Rosenbaum, Dennis P., University of Illinois at Chicago
Rosenberg, Helen, University of Wisconsin - Parkside
Rosenfeld, Jake, The Urban Institute
Rosenfeld, Richard, University of Missouri - St. Louis
Rosenmerkel, Sean P., University of Maryland at College Park
Rosenthal, Arlen, Macro International, Inc.
Rosner, Lydia S., John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Rosoff, Stephen, University of Houston - Clear Lake
Ross, Debra, Buffalo State College
Ross, Helen, University of California - Riverside
Ross, Jeffrey Ian, University of Baltimore
Rossman, Shelli, The Urban Institute
Rossmo, D. Kim, Police Foundation
Roth, Jeffrey A., University of Pennsylvania
Roth, Mitchel, Sam Houston State University
Rotton, James, Florida International University
Rounds-Bryant, Jennifer L., Federal Correctional Institution
Rowe, Richard, University of London
Rowell, Tawandra, Rutgers University
Roy, Sudipto, Indiana State University
Ruback, R. Barry, The Pennsylvania State University
Ruddell, Rick, University of Missouri - St. Louis
Ruel, Erin, University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign
Ruggiero, Vincenzo, Middlesex University
Rumgay, Judith, London School of Economics
Rumptz, Maureen H., NPC Research
Russell, Gregory D., Washington State University
Russell, Steve, Indiana University
Ruth, Gretchen, The Pennsylvania State University
Rutherford, Andrew, University of Southampton
Ryan, Joseph F., Pace University
Ryan, Kevin, Norwich University

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