The 2001 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 6, to Saturday, November 10

Participant Index for the Letter P
Pacula, Rosalie Liccardo, RAND Corporation
Palacios, Wilson R., University of South Florida
Palmer, Ted, California Youth Authority
Palombo, Bernadette Jones, Louisiana State University
Palumbo, Dennis J., Arizona State University
Paoline III, Eugene A., University of Central Florida
Papachristos, Andrew V., National Gang Crime Research Center
Paparozzi, Mario A., New Jersey State Parole Board
Paramore, Vicki V., University of Hawaii at Manoa
Parent, Dale, Abt Associates
Park, Won-Kyu, Kitakyushu University
Parker, Anita H., Univ. of South Carolina , Spartanburg
Parker, Karen F., University of Florida
Parker, Mary, University of Arkansas - Little Rock
Parker, Robert Nash, University of California - Riverside
Parks, Roger B., Indiana University
Parry, David L., Endicott College
Parsons, Katie J.B., University of California, Irvine
Parthasarathy, Barbara, The Urban Institute
Partin, J. Melissa, Auburn University
Passas, Nikos, Temple University
Patchin, Justin W., Michigan State University
Pate, Antony M., COSMOS Corporation
Paterline, Brent, North Georgia College & State University
Paternoster, Raymond, University of Maryland at College Park
Patrick, Fredrick J., Mayor's Office of the Crim. Just. Coord.
Pattavina, April, University of Massachusetts at Lowell
Patten, Meredith L., UCLA Drug Abuse Research Center
Patterson, Emma, McGill University
Patterson, Ronald Stephen, Patterson Law Offices
Paulozzi, Len J., Centers for Disease Control
Paulsen, Derek J., Appalachian State University
Pavlich, George, University of Alberta
Payne, Allison Ann, University of Maryland at College Park
Payne, Brian K., Old Dominion University
Payne, Pedro R., University of California - Riverside
Pealer, Jennifer, University of Cincinnati
Pearl, Natalie, San Diego State University
Pease, Susan E., Central Connecticut State University
Pelissier, Bernadette, Federal Bureau of Prisons
Penly, Gina R., University at Albany
Penn, Everette, Prairie View A&M University
Pennell, Susan, San Diego Association of Governments
Pepinsky, Hal, Indiana University
Perez, Deanna M., University of Maryland at College Park
Perilla, Julia L., Georgia State University
Perrone, Dina, Rutgers University
Perry, Barbara, Northern Arizona University
Pesta, George, Florida State University
Petee, Thomas A., Auburn University
Peters, Roger H., Louis de la Parte Florida Ment.Hlth Inst.
Petersen, Rebecca D., University of Texas - San Antonio
Petersilia, Joan, University of California, Irvine
Peterson, Dana, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Peterson, Elicka S.L., Florida State University
Peterson, Eric, O. J. J. D. P.
Peterson, Ruth D., The Ohio State University
Petoskey, Michael, Grand Traverse Tribal Court
Petrocelli, Matthew, California State University, Hayward
Petrosino, Anthony, American Acad of Arts & Sci./Harvard Univ
Pevalin, David J., University of Essex
Pfeifer, Heather L., University of Maryland at College Park
Phelan, Micah, Rutgers University
Phillips, Coretta, Home Office, London
Phillips, Scott, University of Houston
Phipps, Polly, Washington State Inst. for Public Policy
Phoenix, Joanna, University of Bath
Pi, Yijun, Chinese University of Political Sci & Law
Pickering, Lloyd E., Auburn University
Pickering, Sharon, Charles Sturt University
Pickles, Andrew, University of London
Piehl, Anne M., Harvard University
Pierce, Catherine, Department of Justice
Pierce, Glen, Northeastern University
Pih, Kay K., University of California - Riverside
Pino, Nathan W., Georgia Southern University
Piquero, Alex R., University of Florida
Piquero, Nicole Leeper, University of Florida
Pizzaro, Jesenia, Rutgers University
Plante, Elizabeth, University of New Hampshire
Planty, Michael, Bureau of Justice Statistics
Plass, Peggy S., James Madison University
Plechner, Deborah, University of California - Riverside
Plumeri, Christine M., SUNY Brockport
Plywaczewski, Emil W., University of Bialystok
Podkopacz, Marcy Rasmussen, Hennepin County District Court, MN
Poe, Jennifer, University at Albany
Pogarsky, Greg, University at Albany
Pogrebin, Mark, University of Colorado - Denver
Pointon, Laura, University of Oklahoma
Poland, Amy, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Polizzi, Danielle M., University of Maryland at College Park
Polk, Kenneth, University of Melbourne
Pollack, Shoshana, Wilfred Laurier University
Pollock, Joycelyn, Southwest Texas State University
Ponder, Michael, Oakland University
Pontell, Henry, University of California - Irvine
Pope, Carl E., University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Porter, Rachel, The Vera Institute of Justice
Post, Lori, Michigan State University
Potchak, Marissa, Rutgers University
Potter, Cathryn C., University of Denver
Potter, R.H., University of Massachusetts - Amherst
Potter, Roberto Hugh, Centers for Disease Control/DVP
Potts, Isabelle, Florida State University
Poulin, Mary E., Temple University
Poulsen, Erika, Rutgers University
Poure, Melissa, My Sisters' Place
Powers, Tyrone, Anne Arundel Community College
Prachar, Michael, University of Maryland at College Park
Pratt, Christina, Dominican College & City Univ. of NY
Pratt, John, Victoria University of Wellington
Pratt, Travis C., Rutgers University
Preisser, John S., University of North Carolina
Prendergast, Michael, University of California at Los Angeles
Presser, Lois, University of Cincinnati
Price, Daniel, Kent State University
Pridemore, William Alex, University of Oklahoma
Prinsloo, Johann, University of South Africa
Proctor, Dorothy, CAEFS
Proulx, Jean, University of Montreal
Pu-Folkes, Oliver M., John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Purvis, Darcy J., University of California, Irvine
Purvis, Rick, Kentucky Department of Corrections
Puryear, Veronica, University of Maryland at College Park
Puttler, Leon I., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Puzzanchera, Charles, National Center for Juvenile Justice

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