The 2001 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 6, to Saturday, November 10

Participant Index for the Letter C
Caeti, Tory, University of North Texas
Calavita, Kitty, University of California, Irvine
Calhoun, Georgia, University of Georgia
Callahan, Jean, The Vera Institute of Justice
Callanan, Valerie J., California State University, San Marcos
Calnon, Jennifer M., Pennsylvania State University
Camp, Scott D., Federal Bureau of Prisons
Campbell, Doris, University of South Florida
Campbell, Jacquelyn C., Johns Hopkins University
Campbell, Justin S., University of Northern Colorado
Campbell, Robin, Royal Ulster Constabulary Headquarters
Cannon, Joanna, Florida State University
Cannon, Kevin D., Salem State College
Cao, Liqun, Eastern Michigan University
Capaldi, Deborah M., Oregon Social Learning Center
Capeheart, Loretta, University of Idaho
Capowich, George E., Loyola University
Caputo, Gail, University of North Texas
Caravelis, Cynthia V., Florida State University
Carbone, Kristin C., University of Minnesota
Carcach, Carlos, Australian Institute of Criminology
Card, LaShonda, Kent State University
Cares, Alison C., The Pennsylvania State University
Caringella-MacDonald, Susan, Western Michigan University
Carlson, Bonnie E., University at Albany
Carmody, Dianne Cyr, Old Dominion University
Carr, Patrick, St. Joseph's University
Carroll, Anne, University of Tennessee - Knoxville
Carson, Taj C., Caliber Associates
Carter, David E., University of Cincinnati
Caspi, Avshalom, Kings College London
Castro, Jennifer, University of Maryland at College Park
Catalano, Richard F., University of Washington
Catalano, Shannan M., University of Missouri - St. Louis
Catlin, Shelagh E., University at Albany
Cattat, Kim, SUNY - University of Buffalo
Cauce, Ana Mari, University of Washington
Cauffman, Elizabeth, University of Pittsburgh
Caulfield, Susan L., Western Michigan University
Cavender, Gray, Arizona State University
Jonas Cavileer
Cecil, Dawn K., University of Maryland
Cepeda, Alice, City University of New York
Cernkovich, Stephen A., Bowling Green State University
Chambers, Cheryl, North Carolina State University
Chamlin, Mitchell B., University of Cincinnati
Champion, Dean J., Texas A & M International University
Champion, Jr., Dean J., Laselle College
Chan, Wendy, Simon Fraser University
Chancer, Lynn, Fordham University
Chanenson, Steve, Villanova University
Chanhatasilpa, Chanchalat, D.C. Advisory Commission on Sentencing
Chao, Wei, Institute for Social & Behavioral Researc
Chapman, Becca, Home Office, London
Chapman, Gabrielle L., Vanderbilt University
Chappell, Allison, University of Florida
Chapple, Constance L., University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Chard-Wierschem, Deborah J., NYS Div. of Criminal Justice Services
Chavez, Jorge M., University at Albany
Cheatwood, Derral, University of Texas - San Antonio
Cheesman II, Fred, National Center for State Courts
Chemers, Betty, O. J. J. D. P.
Chenery, Sylvia, University of Huddersfield
Cheney, Victor, Retired, U.S.A.F.
Chermak, Steven, Indiana University
Cherukuri, Suvarna, Kansas State University
Chesney-Lind, Meda, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Cheurprakobkit, Sutham, Kennesaw State University
Chiancone, Janet, O. J. J. D. P.
Chigwada-Bailey, Ruth, Universidad de las Americas - Puebla
Chilton, Bradley Stewart, University of North Texas
Chilton, Roland, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Chiricos, Ted, Florida State University
Chitwood, Dale D., University of Miami
Chiu, Pui-Yan Teresa, Sam Houston State University
Cho, Jeong Hee, University at Albany
Choi, Kyubum, Florida State University
Chon, Donsoo, Florida State University
Choo, Kyung-Seok, Rutgers University
Choo, Tae M., Mississippi Valley State University
Chow-Martin, Lynette, The Pennsylvania State University
Chriqui, Jamie F., The MayaTech Corporation
Christ, Donald E., Indianapolis Police Department
Chu, Doris, University at Albany
Chu, Rebekah, University at Albany
Chun, Kyung-Soo, Korea National Police Agency
Chung, Ick-Joong, University of Washington
Chung, Tae-Jin, Sam Houston State University
Clark, Pamela, CEOJJC
Clark, Patrick M., National Institute of Justice
Clarke, Alan, Ferris State University
Clarke, Ronald V., Rutgers University
Clawson, Heather Jennings, Caliber Associates
Clay-Warner, Jody, University of Georgia
Clayton, Richard R., University of Kentucky
Clear, Todd R., John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Cleary, Sean, George Washington Univ. Medical Ctr.
Cochran, John K., University of South Florida
Coffman, Kimberly A., University of North Florida
Coggeshall, Mark B., University of Maryland
Cohen, Irwin M., Simon Fraser University
Cohen, Jacqueline, Carnegie Mellon University
Cohen, Mark A., Vanderbilt University
Cohen, Patricia, Columbia University
Cohn, Ellen G., Florida International University
Cohn, Ellen S., University of New Hampshire
Coldren, Jr., James R., University of Illinois at Chicago
Coles, Catherine M., Rutgers University
Collins, Judith M., Michigan State University
Colton, Matthew, University of Wales
Colvin, Mark, George Mason University
Ted Conover
Conover, Theresa Ervin, University of Cincinnati
Conti, Norman, West Virginia University
Conway, Kevin P., Yale University School of Medicine
Cook, Kimberly J., University of Southern Maine
Cook, Philip J., Duke University
Cook, Rhonda, Atlanta Journal - Constitution
Cook, Sarah L., Georgia State University
Cooney, Mark, University of Georgia
Cooper, Steve, American Military University
Cope, Libby, Univ. of South Carolina , Spartanburg
Copes, Heith, University of Alabama - Birmingham
Copus, Gary, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Cornell, George, Michigan State University
Corrado, Raymond R., Simon Fraser University
Correia, Mark E., University of Nevada - Reno
Corsianos, Marilyn, Central Michigan University
Corzine, Jay, University of Central Florida
Cosby, Pam, Council on Crime & Justice
Costello, Andrew, University of Sheffield
Costello, Barbara J., University of Rhode Island
Costello, Jane, Duke University
Costello, Sandra Kaminska, University of Illinois at Chicago
Costelloe, Michael T., Florida State University
Coston, Charisse T., University of North Carolina - Charlotte
Cote, Suzette, California State University, Sacramento
Courtwright, David T., University of North Florida
Couture, Heather L., Northeastern University
Covington, Stephanie, Center for Gender and Justice
Cowgill, Julie, Arizona State University
Cox, Stephen M., Central Connecticut State University
Craft, Jeff, California State University - Bakersfield
Cravens, Nicole M., University of Tennessee - Knoxville
Judith Creemers
Cretacci, Michael A., The Citadel
Crew, B. Keith, University of Northern Iowa
Crews, Gordon A., Jacksonville State University
Crimmins, Susan M., California State University/N.D.R.I.
Crocker, Diane, Saint Mary's University
Cronin, James M., D.C. Advisory Commission on Sentencing
Cross, Theodore, University of New Hampshire
Crossen-Powell, Sheila, City of Richmond
Crossland, Christine R., National Institute of Justice
Crosswhite, Jennifer, Auburn University
Crouch, Ben M., Texas A & M University
Crutchfield, Robert, University of Washington
Cullen, Francis T., University of Cincinnati
Culliver, Concetta, Benedict College
Culotta, Katherine A., Indiana State University
Culp, Richard, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Cunningham, William Scott, University at Albany
Cureton, Steven R., University of North Carolina - Greensboro
Curley, Mazie S., University of ~ The Memphis
Curry, G. David, University of Missouri - St. Louis
Cuvelier, Steven Jay, Sam Houston State University

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