The 2001 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 6, to Saturday, November 10

Paper Index for the Letter R

Paper Title Session ID
Race and Death Sentencing in Florida and Illinois: Some Recenmt Findings Session 369: SE9
Race and Gender Effects in Pre-Trial Dispositions: An Analysis of Judicial Decision-Making Session 69: LA12
Race and General Strain Theory Session 419: SA6
Race and the Jurisprudence of Juvenile Justice: A Tale in Two Parts, 1950-2000 Session 336: JJ15
Race Differences in Life-Course Persistent Offending Session 266: LC5
Race Specific Fear of Teenagers and Support for Harsh Measures to Deal With Juvenile Crime Session 203: SU1
Race, Place and Racial Profiling: Using Mobile Data Terminal Data to Analyze Racial Profiling Session 243: PL11
Race, Politics and the National "War on Drugs": A Report on the Impact of the 1986 Anti-Drug Abuse Act on African Americans Session 20: LA2
Race, Single-Mother Households, and Deliquency: A Further Test of Power-Control Theory Session 355: CS5
Race-Based Justice: A Look at the Ohio Criminal Court System Session 121: LA27
Race/Ethnicity and the Juvenile Justice System: An Analysis of Research Session 336: JJ15
Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Juvenile Justice Decisions: The Role of Community and Court Characteristics Session 336: JJ15
Racial Disparities in Minnesota: The Point of Arrest Session 103: SV1
Racial Disparity in the Police Selection Process Session 49: PL3
Racial Disparity: Is It Due to "Justice by Geography?" Session 336: JJ15
Racial Integration in a Total Institution Session 305: CI7
Racial Profiling and the Collection of Traffic Stop Data Session 197: PL10
Racial Profiling in Connecticut: A Summary of the Statewide Traffic Stops Statistics Session 243: PL11
Racial Segregation and Crime in Urban Neighborhoods Session 295: RE5
A Racially Disaggregated Analysis of the Impact of Gender Equality on Rates of Honicide Victimization Defined by the Victim-Offender Relationship Session 145: HO3
A Randomized Study of the Baltimore City Drug Treatment Court: Results From the Two-Year Follow-Up Session 38: DP1
Rape as a Product of Gender Norms: Synthesizing Brownmiller's Reconceputalization of Sexual Assault With Tenets of Phenomenology Session 399: VW18
Rape Context and Resistance Session 350: VW14
Re-Engineering the Police: A Process for Organizational Transformation in Law Enforcement Session 197: PL10
Re-Entry Success, Social Support and Social Networks Among Ex-Prisoners Session 303: CO11
Re-Examining the Age, Peer, and Delinquency Relationship Session 219: LC3
Re-Integrative Shaming Theory and Crime: a Tale of Two Rural Australian Communities Session 135: CO6
Re-Thinking the Police Response to the Mentally Ill and Chronic Substance-Abusing Population: The Santa Fe, New Mexico Jail Diversion Program Session 416: PL18
Reaching Generation D: How to Cultivate Digital Literacy in the Criminal Justice Classroom Session 108: CJ3
Reading the Thermometer: Hate Incidents Against Asian Students on Campus Session 14: HC1
Rearrest Rates Among Drug Court Participants: A Suburban Experience Session 330: CT4
Recent Developments of Restorative Justice Philosophy and Practice in Germany Session 328: CB12
Recidivism Among Drug Court Participants in Las Vegas, Nevada (1993-1997) and Portland, Oregon (1991-1997): Identifying and Explaining Differences Session 211: DP4
Recidivism in the Intensive Aftercare Program (IAP) Demonstration Sites Session 42: JJ2
Recidivism Rates of Participants in Oklahoma's Nighttime Incarceration: Was it Worth the Effort? Session 15: IS1
Recognizing Corporate Crime Victims in the Framework of Human Rights Session 176: WC4
Reconsidering Neutralization Session 222: SO4
Redrawing Sovereignty: Women, Refugees and the State Session 209: CL7
Reducing Bullying in the Schools: An Evaluation of Modes of Intervention Session 137: CB4
Reducing the Risks of Offending Through Early Intervention -- A Process Evaluation of a Sure Start Programme Session 73: LA16
Reflecting on Computer Crime in Hong Kong: A Critical Review of the Working Group on Computer-Related Crime Report of 2000 Session 290: LA45
Reflections on Criminology in Europe and the USA Session 302: SP4
Reforming Parole: Strategies for Stemming the Flow of Technical Violators to State Prison Session 402: CB14
Reframing Domestic Violence Session 173: VW5
The Regional Subculture of Violence Revisited: Further Specification to the Context of Homicide Session 409: HO8
Regional Variation in Crime Session 135: CO6
Regulating the City: The Social Control Imperatives of Contemporary Policing Practices Session 186: CL5
Rehabilitation and Reclamation of Women: Enhancing the Dialogue Between Criminologists, Practitioners, and Lawmakers Session 127: RP4
Rehabilitative Justice: Does It Work for Women in Oklahoma? Session 6: CI1
The Rehtoric of Hackers' Justifications Session 375: WC8
Reintegrating the Releasee: Project WAR a Year Later Session 208: CI6
Reintegrative Shaming in Drug Court Session 117: JJ6
The Relation Among Substance Abuse, Comorbid Psychopathology, and Reported Violence in a Multiethnic Sample Session 82: AL4
Relation Between Trust and Tolerance for Crime: Does Institutional Trust Increase Compliance With the Law? Session 218: LS1
The Relationship Between Child Abuse and Adolescent Substance Use and Abuse Session 16: JU1
The Relationship Between Domestic Violence Case Disposition and Women's Long-Term Safety Session 275: VW11
The Relationship Between Drugs and Violence Among Detained Youth Session 105: AL5
The Relationship Between Victimization and Offending in Juveniles Session 194: JU7
The Relationship of Juvenile Homicide Offense Characteristics to Post-Release Success: A Follow-Up Study Session 334: HO7
The Relationship of Treatment Retention of Severely Mentally Ill Substance Abusing Individuals, in a Jail Diversion Program, to Insight, Level of Coercion and Type of Treatment Received Session 245: RP9
The Relative Effects of Age, Sex and Family Characteristics on Self-Control Session 85: CS3
The Relative Impact of Self-Image on Academic Performance, School Disciplinary Problems and Delinquency Session 284: JU10
The Relevance of the Gateway Theory for Understanding Substance Abuse and Criminal Development Among High-Risk Inner-City Residents Session 384: DP6
Religion in Corrections: What Do We Know About What Works and What Doesn't Session 158: CB5
Religiosity, Delinquency and Adolescent Drug Use Session 146: JU6
Research and Evaluation on Crime Control and Crime Prevention Session 68: LA11
Research and Evaluation on Drugs and Crime Session 68: LA11
Research and Evaluation on Violence and Victimization Session 68: LA11
Research in Criminal Justice and Criminology: An Analysis of Factors, Antecedents, and Associates of Significant Research Session 348: SU3
Research on Violent Offenders of the U.S. Army Stationed in the U.S., East Asia and Europe Session 70: LA13
Researching Decisions of the Individual Judge Session 362: LA54
Researching Transnational Organized Crime and State Responses: Notes From a Field Session 337: LA50
Responding to Hate: Police, Prosecutor and Victim Decision-Making in Hate Crime Cases Session 262: HC2
The Responsible Woman: Constructions of Female Offending in Rehabilitation Programmes Session 278: CB9
Restorative Justice and Armed Conflict Session 328: CB12
Restorative Justice and Correction Institutions: A Case Study of Applying a Restorative Justice Filter to Decision Making Session 123: LA29
Restorative Justice and the Law: Contradiction or Compliment Session 328: CB12
Restorative Justice Conferences and Youth Re-Offending Session 117: JJ6
Restorative Justice Conferencing in a Large Urban Setting--Perceptions of Justice Session 117: JJ6
Restorative Justice in Vermont: Addressing Risk and Reintegration Session 182: CB6
Restorative Justice on Probation and in Prison Session 418: RP17
Restorative Justice Theory Validation Session 328: CB12
Restorative Justice Through Community Sanctioning Panels Session 182: CB6
Restorative Justice: What do Offenders Perceive? Session 207: CB7
Restorative Prosecution in White Poverty Areas of Northern England Session 418: RP17
Results of a National Survey of Community-Based Prosecution Practices Session 239: LS2
Retention of Adolescents Participating in Outpatient Drug/Alcohol Treatment Session 413: JJ17
Rethinking Reintegration: Women and Parole Session 278: CB9
A Review of Best Practices in Treating Mentally Ill Juveniles in the Criminal Justice System Session 413: JJ17
Review of Healthcare Policies of Incarcerated Women in NCCHC Accredited Facilities Session 260: GE12
Revision of the Juvenile Law Toward Partial Criminalization in Japan Session 263: JJ13
Revisiting Empirical Analyses of Strain: A Test of GST Specifications Session 371: SA4
Revisiting the "Definitive" Test of Self-Control Theory Session 57: CS2
Revitalization Theory, Cultic Belief, and Militia Violence: The Case of the West Virginia Mountaineer Militia Session 224: TE4
The Rhetoric of Reintegration: A Discourse Analysis of Reparative Probation Practices Session 207: CB7
Ride-Alongs in California: Shortcomings and Suggestions Session 389: LA58
Risk Assessment in Sentencing: An Evaluation of the Virginia Experiment Session 247: SE4
A Risk Assessment Instrument for Organized Crime Session 267: OC3
Risk Factors and Prevention for Suicide and Suicide Attempts by Adolesscents Session 334: HO7
Risk for Delinquent Peer Group Joining: Religious Involvement as a Mediating Mechanism Session 231: GA3
Risk for Violence and Recidivism Among Diverted and Non-Diverted Mentally Ill Substance Using Jail Detainees With co-Morbid Trauma and Psychopathy: Preliminary Results From a 12-Month Follow-Up Study Session 368: RP16
Risk Management of Sex Offenders in the Community: Challenges for the Police Session 96: LA23
Risk Management: Applying the Public Safety Philosophy to the Supervision of High Risk Offenders in Washington State Session 304: CB10
Risk Society: Social Exclusion and the re-Integration of Offenders Session 308: CL11
Risk-Factors for Later Reassaults by Court-Referred Batterer Program Participants Session 373: VW16
The Road to Delinquency: Familial Discord as a Precursor to Juvenile Female Offending Session 387: JU13
The Road to Reintegration: Practitioner Understandings and Experiences Session 33: CB1
Roadside Safety Checkpoints as Social Control Session 183: CS4
Rogue Cops and Wild Dogs: An Analysis of Media Representation of Police Canines Units Session 292: ME1
The Role Males Play in the "Dating Game" With Street-Level Sex Workers Session 225: VL1
The Role of Culture in Designing Preventive Intervention Session 160: CP5
Role of Effective Education in Community Integration of Delinquent Youth Session 320: RP14
Role of Fear of Crime in Community Participation Session 203: SU1
The Role of Gender in Conflict-Related Intimate Partner Homicide Session 190: GE10
The Role of Law as a Mechanism for Dispute Resolution: An Analysis of The Election Controversy in Guyanha Session 218: LS1
The Role of NIJ Session 177: SP2
The Role of Terror in Ethnic Cleansing: Israeli State Violence and Population Movemenb Session 154: TE3
The Role of the Media as an Influence on Police Integrity in Poland Session 343: PL15
Role of Xenophobia in the Perception of Crime: A Cross Cultural Comparison, United States, Russia, and Syria Session 261: GL3
Role Strain, Role Learning, and Role Control: The Application of Identity Theory to the Study of Delinquency Session 51: SO1
The Roles of Victim and Offender Alcohol Use in Sexual Assaults: Results From the National Violence Against Women Survey Session 82: AL4
ROUNDTABLE: Black Perspectives in Criminology and Criminal Justice Session 199: RE3
ROUNDTABLE: International Criminal Justice Education Session 358: CJ7
ROUNDTABLE: What Cybercops Don't Know Session 257: CJ5
ROUNDTABLE: Women Leadership in Justice, Education, Policy and Practice: Is a Gender Agenda Practical? Session 59: CJ2
Routine Activities and Violence in the Workplace Session 385: EC4
The Routine Activities of Youth: The Importance of Place and Time in Understanding Violence in and Around Schools Session 31: CO1
Routine Activities Theory and Farm Crime Session 135: CO6
Routine Exposures to Crime Risk: Are They Individual or Communal? Session 201: SV4
Rural Magistrates and Domestic Violence: An Exploratory Study of How Magistrate Attitudes Affect Judicial Decision Making Session 167: JD1
Russian-Speaking Organized Crime Groups in Eastern Europe Session 242: OC2

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