The 2001 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 6, to Saturday, November 10

Paper Index for the Letter P

Paper Title Session ID
The Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant: A Case Study Into State Corporate Crime Session 176: WC4
Parent-Child Affective Quality and Affiliation With Deviant Peers Influences on Adolescent Oppositional Behaviors: A Replication and Extension of a Protective Process Model in an Intervention Trial Session 317: LO2
Parental Modernity and Relational Forms of Delinquency and Control Session 5: CS1
Parole in the Penal System: Towards a Relational Theory of Penality Session 406: CL17
Parole Violations: An Overview of State Policies and Practices Session 254: CB8
Participation as an Indicator of Success: The Role of Citizens' Groups in Predicting the Efficacy of Community Policing Programs Session 326: PO10
The Pattern of Relationships Between the Effects of Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention on the Recidivism of Offenders and the Effects in Other Outcome Domains Session 112: ER5
Patterns of Rural Homicide Session 63: HO2
PBA Cards and Police Discretion: Does Membership Have Its Privileges? Session 265: LA40
Peacemaking Criminology: Applications in Policing Session 352: PO11
Peers and Delinquency: Results From the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health Session 323: SO6
Penal Harm Medicine: State Tort Remedies for Inappropriate and Inadequate Health Care to Prisoners Session 342: MJ2
Perceptions of Substance Use and Substance Use Prevention Programming: An Iowa Latino Immigrant Family Perspective Session 105: AL5
Performance Measurement in a Juvenile Residential Treatment Setting Session 147: JJ8
Performance Measures and Juvenile Corrections: The Alabama Experience Session 90: JU4
The Perils and Pitfalls of Doing Policy-Related Research: Evaluating a Policy Aimed at Reducing Gang Influence in Prison Session 271: RP12
Perpetrators of Street Sexual Victimization Among Homeless and Runaway Youth Session 223: SV5
The Person in Context: The Effect of Early Onset Criminality on Conflict Scenario Responses Session 365: LC7
Person or Situation? The Interaction Between Person Characteristics and Situational Factors in Violent Encounters Session 70: LA13
Personality and Crime: Can Psychological Factors Add to our Understanding of Persistence? Session 294: PS3
Personality, School Climate, and Aggression: Exploring the Interaction Between Individuals and Their Environments Session 198: PS1
Perspectives on Delinquency, Justice and Research in One American Nation: Context and Collaboration Session 269: RE4
Perspectives on Research Priorities Session 177: SP2
Petitioned Status Offense Cases in Juvenile Courts, 1989-1998 Session 412: JU14
Physical Environment and Crime in Kentucky Schools Session 31: CO1
Please Take Away More Rights: American Views of Imprisonment Session 287: LA42
Police Capacity to Work With People: A Practitioner's Point of View Session 248: OP3
Police Capacity to Work With People: Perspectives From Germany, Switzerland, Japan, and United Kingdom Session 248: OP3
Police Capacity to Work With People: Perspectives From France, Austria and U.S.A. Session 248: OP3
Police Cautioning of Drug Offenders in England and Wales: Policies, Practices and Attitudes Session 72: LA15
Police Chiefs' Perceptions About Miranda: An Analysis of Survey Data Session 126: PL8
Police Corruption in the United States Session 314: LA48
Police Culture and Coercion Session 298: OP4
Police Data Sources for Identifying Repeat Victimization Session 76: PL5
Police Decision-Rules in Classifying Home Invasion Incidents Session 256: CP8
Police Killings of Civilians: Does Community Policing Make a Difference? Session 166: HO4
Police Misconduct in Los Angeles: Comparative Observations From Plant-Eating Japan Session 180: PO6
Police Officer Perceptions of Rape Session 129: OP1
Police Officers Personal and Professional Background and its Relationship to Organizational Change: The Case of Community Policing in Israel Session 152: OP2
Police Responses to Graffiti Session 401: PO13
Police Training in the New Millennium: A Comparative Study of Training Delivery Methods Session 319: PL14
Police Use of Civilian Complaint Mediation: An Analysis of an Emerging U.S. Trend Session 98: PL6
Police, Prostitutes, and Perpetrators: Putting the Sting On Session 225: VL1
Police-Medical Collaborations to Prevent Intentional Injury and Homicide Session 75: PL4
Policing Black Milwaukee: Newspaper Accounts of a Community Policing Pioneer of the 1930s and 1940s Session 292: ME1
Policing Domestic Violence: Victim's Perceptions Session 226: VW9
Policing Juveniles: Current Issues in Policy, Practice and Research Session 195: JJ10
Policing Masculinities Session 129: OP1
Policing Misconduct and the Rule of Administrative Law in North American Universities Session 391: LS4
Policing Motorcycle Gangs: Dramaturgy, Control, Bias and Myth Session 45: LA7
Policing Race and Gender: An Analysis of Prime Suspect 2 Session 165: GE9
Political Economy of Clearly and Presently Dangerous Plant Life Session 337: LA50
Politics of Mandatory Arrest: A Retrospective Needs Assessment Session 344: RP15
Popularising Restorative Justice: How Relevant is the Critique of Informalism in Transforming Societies? Session 122: LA28
Portable Adolescent Therapy (PAT) for the Juvenile Justice System Session 77: RP3
Positive Deviance: Using a New Typology to Expand Merton's Anomie Theory Session 347: SA3
Postindustrial Conditions, Postmodern Punishments Session 287: LA42
Postmodern Dispute Resolution: Historicity, Identity, and the Master Discourse Session 37: CL2
Postmodernism and Cultural Criminology Session 9: CL1
Postmodernism and Integrative Criminology Session 9: CL1
Postmodernism and the Limits of Discourse Analysis for Studies in Crime, Law, and Social Change Session 9: CL1
Predicting Citizen Involvement in Community Policing Session 326: PO10
Predicting Women's Perceptions of Safety on a College Campus Session 155: VW4
Predictors of Appropriate Modality for Participants in Court-Mandated Treatment: Findings at the Brooklyn Treatment Court Session 1: AL1
Predictors of Miscarriages of Justice in Capital Cases Session 342: MJ2
Predictors of Offending at a Young Age Session 360: JU12
Predictors of Sexual Harassment and Coercion Victimization Among College Students: The Role of Gender, Child Abuse, Alcohol Expectancy, and Victim-Perpetration Link Session 131: SV2
Preliminary Findings From the SafeFutures Youth and Caregiver Surveys Session 361: JJ16
Preliminary Findings From Youth Handgun Violence Prevention Programs in Colorado Session 279: CP9
Preliminary Findings on Battered Women's Agency in Their Negotiations With the Criminal Justice System Session 275: VW11
Preliminary Findings on the Interaction Among Community Policing, Community Prosecution and Community Courts Session 206: PO7
Preliminary Results From the Breaking the Cycle Demonstration Project: Tacoma, WA Session 189: ER7
Preliminary Results From the Violence Againt People With Disabilities Pretest Session 259: DM2
Presentation of the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention's Girls Study Group Project Session 17: JU2
PRESIDENTIAL PLENARY: ASC Awards and Sutherland Address Session 133: SP1
Pretrial Release and Misconduct: Felony Defendants in the 75 Largest Counties Session 193: JD2
The Prevalence and Characteristics of Youth Gangs in Schools Session 249: SU2
The Prevalence of Pregnancy Involvement and Associated Risks Among Males and Females in an Urban Detained Population Session 18: JJ1
Prevalence of Youth With Disabilities in the Juvenile Justice System: A National Survey Session 285: JJ14
Preventing Parolee Crime Program: A Prospective Study of Selected California Parole Programs Session 317: LO2
Preventing the Problem Session 264: LA39
Preying on the Young: Sex Offender Victimization and the Impact of Legislative Efforts Session 274: SV6
A Primer for Criminologists on Trends in Firearms and Their Availability Session 191: GU4
Prison Adjustment Patterns of Offenders in Federal Correctional Institutions Session 404: CI10
Prison and Substance Abuse Treatment: Exploring Different Career Models Session 351: AL10
Prison Misconduct Session 119: LA25
The Prison Novel: A Case for Literary Analysis in Criminology Session 283: IT2
Prison-Based Therapeutic Community Treatment: Participant Outcomes Session 351: AL10
Prisoner Reentry: Emerging Practices and Issues Session 340: LA53
Private Sector Reactions to Global Computer Intrusion Threats Session 386: GL5
Probing the Developmental Relationship Between Adolescent Employment and Crime Using the NLSY97 Session 170: LC2
Problem Behavior, Job Performance, and Social Relationships: Psychosocial Functioning of Young Men as a Consequence of Different Offender Trajectories Session 414: LC9
Problem Children in Elementary School: Can We Make a Difference? Session 234: JU9
A Problem in No-Problem-Policing in Germany: Confidence in the Police in Germany and U.S. Session 180: PO6
Problem Solving Approaches to the Issue of Inmate Re-Entry Session 402: CB14
Problem-Oriented Guides for Police Session 401: PO13
The Problems of Caring for Pregnant Prisoners Session 184: CI5
A Process Evaluation of Victim Services 2000 Phase I: Community Planning and Model Development Session 215: LA33
Process-Sociology as 'The Hinge': Toward Integrated Theories of Crime and Deviance Session 283: IT2
The Professional Orientation and Perceived Needs of Texas Parole Officers Session 327: CB11
A Profile of Females in the Juvenile Justice System Session 17: JU2
Profiles and Predictors of Reoffending Among Juvenile Delinquents With Concomitant Mental Health and Substance Abuse Problems Session 90: JU4
Profiles of Co-Disordered Drug Offenders and Sex Offenders in Prison-Based TC Treatment Session 351: AL10
Profiling of Suspected Criminals: Appropriate Response or Constitutional Error? Session 148: LA30
Program Bonding: A Measure of Responsivity to Treatment Session 279: CP9
Promising Education Practices forDelinquent Youth: A Review of the Evidence Session 320: RP14
Proposition 36: Implementation and Accommodation of a Drug Crime Initiative by Criminal Justice Officials in California Session 225: VL1
Prosecution and Investigatory Procedures of Financial Crimes Session 386: GL5
The Prosecution and Punishment of International Terrorists Under Federal Statutues Session 398: TE6
Prosecutorial Justifications for Sexual Assault Case Rejection Session 378: CT6
Prostitution: A Social Construction in Modern China Session 273: SL3
Protecting Youth Online: Family Use of Filtering and Blocking Software Session 220: MJ1
Providing Gender-Responsive Services to Delinquent Girls: WINGS Session 65: JU3
Public Beliefs About Partner Violence and the Law: Modeling the Effects of Social Background, Experience, and Community Session 420: VW19
Public Order Policing in Democratic Societies Session 389: LA58
Public Perceptions on the Sentencing of Aboriginal Offenders: An Evaluation of s.718.2(e) of the Canadian Criminal Code Session 69: LA12
Public Support for White-Collar Crime Prevention Strategies in the Workplace Session 421: WC9
Punishing Identities: Legal Consciousness Among European and African American Capital Jurors Session 316: LS3
Punishing Parents?: Parenting Programmes and the Prevention of Offending Among Children and Young People Session 235: JJ12
Punishment and "Punitivity" in Europe Session 313: LA47
Punishment and Democracy: Three Strikes and You're Out in California Session 364: LA56
Punishment, Crime and Migration in Italy (1863-1998) Session 58: CI3
Putting Behavior in Context: a Multilevel Test of Social Structure-Social Learning Session 299: SO5
Putting Methamphetamine in Context Session 156: AL7

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