The 2001 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 6, to Saturday, November 10

Paper Index for the Letter O

Paper Title Session ID
Oakeshott, the Economists, and Criminology Session 51: SO1
Observations and Judicial Opinions of Voir Dire Session 306: CT2
Observing Restraining Order Hearings: Could a Dedicated Domestic Violence Court Do Any Better? Session 159: CT1
Obtaining Entry Into Juvenile Facilities for the Purpose of Interviewing Detainees Session 156: AL7
Occupational Crime, Occupational Deviance, and Workplace Crime: Sorting Out the Differences Session 250: WC5
An Occupational-Exposure Model of Police Homicide Victimization Session 75: PL4
Offender Characteristics, Attitudes Toward the Justice System, Victimization, and Criminal Justice Experience: An Assessment of Attitudes Toward Sentence Length Session 388: LA57
Offenders and the Justice System Session 68: LA11
Offenders in the Age of the Internet: Does Crime Have a New Face? Session 301: WC7
Offenders Speak: Accounting for Hate Crime Session 397: SA5
On Finding Theoretical Insights: Some Illustrations From the Study of Organized Crime Session 410: IT3
On Measuring Family Violence From a Systems Perspective: NIBRS Data Revisited Session 79: VW1
A One-Day Snapshot of Aboriginal Youth in Custody Across Canada Session 270: RP11
Onset of Alcohol Use: Profiling Adolescents Characterized as "Early Drinkers" Session 29: AL2
The Ontario Rural Women Abuse Study Session 132: VW3
Ordinary Business: State-Corporate Crime in Nazi Germany Session 230: CL9
Organization for Service: A Comparison of Youth Institutions in Michigan and South Africa Session 261: GL3
Organizational Barriers to Implementing HIV Services for Drug-Involved Offenders Session 408: DP7
Organizational Change in the Chicago Police Department Session 24: PL1
Organizational Change in the Los Angeles Police Department Session 24: PL1
Organizational Change in the Washington, D.C. Police Department Session 24: PL1
Organizational Deviance: An Examination of Academic Administration Session 28: WC1
Organizational Feature as Facilitators for Youth Gang Member Offending Session 212: GA2
Organizational Specialization in Law Enforcement Session 152: OP2
Organizing Community Action Programs for Victims of Crime and Restorative Justice in a Developing Country Session 328: CB12
The Origins and Developent of the Concept of State-Corporate Crime Session 230: CL9
Outcome Evaluation of Drug Courts: Study Design and Baseline Data Session 211: DP4

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