The 2001 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 6, to Saturday, November 10

Paper Index for the Letter L

Paper Title Session ID
Labeling, Life-Chances, and Adult Crime: Direct and Indirect Effect of Official Intervention in Adolescence on Delinquent Behavior in Early Adulthood Session 392: LC8
The Lack of Specialization of Homicide Offenders Session 409: HO8
Language and Violence Against Women and Girls: Patriarchal Control Over Language and Sexual Terrorism Session 399: VW18
The Latent Structure of Offending in Adolescence Session 124: LC1
Latino Police Officers: Negotiating the Police Role Session 152: OP2
Law Enforcement Executive Development: An Assessment of an International Training Program Session 319: PL14
Law Enforcement or Natural Law: A Critical Analysis of Project Exile Session 75: PL4
Law Formation in the Post-Bellum Period: Structural Ritualization Theory and the Reproduction of Legal Inequality Session 346: SL5
Law: Influenced by a Select Few or the Consensual Belief of Society as a Whole? Session 391: LS4
Leadership Protocol to Address Minority Trust and Confidence in the Police Session 228: PO8
Learning to Hate: Conceptualizing Anti-Gay and Lesbian Violence Session 102: SO2
Legal and Cultural Influences on Violence and Coercion in Sri Lanka's Commercial Sex Industry Session 88: GE4
Legal and Media Enmeshments: Criticizing "Objectivity" Through High Profile Crime Cases Session 165: GE9
Legal Construction of Adulthood: Conflicting Rhetoric Underlying the Case Law of Statutory Rape and Criminal Transfer Session 19: LA1
Legal Issues Concerning Extradition as a Tool to Fight International Terrorism Session 398: TE6
Legal Protection of Children and Adolescents as Research Subjects Session 348: SU3
Legitimizing Genocidal Scholarship: Delineating a Research Agenda for the 21st Century Session 176: WC4
Lessons About Justice From the 'Laboratory' of Wrongful Convictions: Informants, Confessions, and Tunnel Vision Session 314: LA48
Lessons From the History and the Role of Justice in the Emergence of the International Criminal Court Session 333: GL4
Lessons Learned From the Evaluation of Batterer Intervention Programs in Pennsylvania Counties Session 373: VW16
Lessons We Can Learn From Victims' Self-Help Groups Session 92: LA19
Life After Delinquency Session 241: LO1
A Life Course Analysis of the Relationship Between Military Service and Criminal Behavior Session 33: CB1
A Life Course Dynamics Perspective on Comorbidity: Trajectories of Conduct Disorder and Substance Use Session 170: LC2
Life Course Turning Points: A Case Study of the Effect of School Failure on Interpersonal Violence Session 341: LC6
Lifestyles of Male and Female Adolescent Crime Victims Session 164: GE8
The Limits and Potential of Restorative Justice Decision-Making: Preliminary Findings From Case Studies in a National Study of Conferencing in Juvenile Justice Session 43: JJ3
The Limits and Potential of Restorative Justice Decision-Making: Preliminary Findings From Case Studies in a National Study of Conferencing in Juvenile Justice Session 182: CB6
The Link Between Mandatory Arrest and Community Involvement in Reducing Domestic Violence Recidivism Session 75: PL4
The Link Between Parental Attachment, Monitoring, Delinquent Peers and Delinquent Behavior: A Causal Examination Session 387: JU13
The Link Between Routine Activities and Offending in Different Community Contexts Session 55: CO3
Linking the Gun With Homicides and Suicides: A Model Analysis of the Who, When, and Where of the Gun's First Purchase Session 144: GU3
Little Voices: Characteristics of Child Victims of Maltreatment/Abuse and Neglect Session 274: SV6
The Littlest Victims: An Examination of the Tragic Impact of Violence and Drug Abuse on Pregnant Women and Their Children Session 274: SV6
Local Crime and Disorder Partnerships in Liverpool Session 150: RP5
Local Trends in School Delinquency: An Analysis of Aggregate-Level Data Session 284: JU10
Locational Dependence and School Violence: A GIS Mapping Analysis Session 281: DM3
A Long Term Follow-Up of Serious Female Offenders Session 219: LC3
A Longitudinal Test of Power-Control Theory Session 12: GE1
Looking for the Driving While Black Phenomena: Conceptualizing Racial Bias Processes and Their Associated Distributions Session 186: CL5
The Looting of Russia: The Criminal Activities of the Bank of New York Session 242: OC2
Los Angeles Cease-Fire: Design, Implementation and Preliminary Outcomes Session 233: GU5
Losing Confidence in its Safety: Is Japan Still the Safest Country in the Industrialized World? Session 200: RP7
Loss of Self: A Fundamental 'Pain of Imprisonment' for Women? Session 113: GE5
Low Crime Rates in Amish Counties: A Test of Institutional Anomie Theory Session 347: SA3
Low Self Control and Corporate Crime: A Test of a General Theory Session 250: WC5
Lower Court Judges: Do Men and Women View the Law Differently? Session 167: JD1

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